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1930's Supernatural Chicago

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Big Bands, Big Bads and Gangsters.
Detectives, Slayers and Super Heroes.
What more can a city ask for?

The stock market crash of 1929 is still fresh in the minds of the nation, and the Great Depression couldn't be more depressing. Tent cities and soup kitchens are a way of life for many unfortunates. But the glittering lights of The Loop, the dime museums, and dance halls offer cheap entertainments for those who can spare a dime or two for a bit of brightness in a dreary world. Prohibition is still in full swing (whose bright idea was that, anyway?) and speakeasies operate in secret in many bars and basements. Big Band music full of love and a beat to dance to takes the people's minds off the harsh realities of life, and the growing darkness of the Nazi regime in Europe. Crime bosses vie for control of Chicago's streets - and some of those bosses have bite. 'Fangsters', as those in the know call them. Vampiric gangsters whose desires for control and power extend beyond the grave. Life in Chicago isn't pretty by a long shot - more like a festering wound over which a fancy coat of polish has been thrown. Sure, it's stinking underneath, but it's got a real surface charm that draws people in.

There's enough people being wiped out in rival mob wars, beaten to death by corrupt cops for not paying protection money, and being eaten by the various fangsters - but that's not the extent of the horrors to be found in the good ol' Windy City. There's also these secret societies talking about tentacular beings from 'other planes of existance', dark gods and demons that man should have never tried to contact. Occultism is reguarded with fear and suspicion by most sane humans and fangsters alike. Still, there are those who insist that this is the way of the future... and with the World's Fair coming up soon, the time is now to enter the brave new world....

lchars as Arch Connors, Watcher

lchars as Billy O'Reily, Inventor

lchars as Li Dei, Totem Warrior

snoogleystar as Mina, Ensouled Vampire

rynumber3 as Olivia Morgan, Superhero

lchars as Richard Knight, Detective

auschars as Sally Newman, Slayer

wumanfu as Samuel Wu, Demon Hunter

(Player MIA) as Simon McCarey, Wealthy Businessman

Possible Characters
If you're looking for characters to play, the following people have appeared as mentions here and there, or NPCs. You are, of course, free to make your own completely original character concept.

Nathaniel Morgan, Oliva's teenaged punk kid brother. Tends to get in trouble.

Aunt Agatha, Olivia's aunt with whom her and her brother live.

Master Chai, Olivia's mysterious teacher.

Sally's Father, a veteran of the Great War who was wounded in the war and is semi-disabled.

Alfred Newman, a soldier. Sally's brother, who's currently in the army (though he could return home easily enough).

Long Dei, a ghost. The ghost of Li's father, who provides her with guidance (and tends to show up at amusing/annoying/interesting moments)

Charles Connors, a Watcher. Charles is Arch's grandfather, and a very experienced Watcher.

Marie Connors, grandmother. Marie is Arch's grandmother, wife of Charles.

Various O'Reily family members. Billy has six brothers and sisters from Ireland, as well as a slew of other relatives over there. Not much has been mentioned about them, so pretty open season.

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