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October 22nd, 2003

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02:10 pm - Sent Away?

The phone call from England a week ago came as a complete shock... I hadn't been sleeping well, and the effects of the insomnia were already beging to fray my nerves. But to hear that the Council is summoning me back to England now... in the midst of all this trouble.. is just unbearable. I tried to explain how I was needed here... how my Slayer needs me.. but they simply informed me that my replacement was already on his way.

Funny, how I've spent so much time complaining about this country.. .and now the thought of leaving it saddens me so. Everything I've worked for, everything I've built for myself is here.. there's nothing left for me in England. I don't know what to tell Sally.. that she'll be getting a new Watcher, that everything will be alright and she must carry on... she's had such a hard life already, I don't want to shake things up further.

And Li... my girl, the vivacious little minx that has captivated my heart. She's young, and beautiful... no doubt she'll move on, but oh how I ache at the thought of leaving her behind. Her uncles will doubtlessly be pleased for our relationship to be at an end... but I shall even miss them and their stoic disaproval.

I keep thinking that today will be the day that I tell them... but we've so much to work on, and they're all so focused and determined... that I cannot. Maybe the Council will change their mind... it could happen...
Current Mood: sadsad

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