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October 11th, 2003

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01:29 pm - Important People

Sally Newman, Slayer
Independent and headstrong, Sally is just 16 years of age but has already joined the working world as a cub reporter for the Chicago Tribune. She has yet to receive a byline or take the front page, but she has written several articles (including "Mystery Fire Destroys Business, Kills 3" and the classic "Hospital Panics as Epidemic Continues"). She lives with her father, a retired veteran of the Great War.

Arch Connors, Watcher
Very British, Arch enjoys the proverbial cup of tea and scone in the morning, and is always trying to encourage Sally to read and study the Slayer's Handbook. Arch is hiding a terrible secret about his past; a secret that might come crashing into the present all too soon.

Olivia Morgan, Super Hero
When she's not singing as a popular nightclub act, Olivia dons her costume and becomes a solar-powered super hero, fighting for justice against the forces of the Bloodline. Her own powers are augmented by inventions supplied by her somewhat offbeat friend and occasional sidekick, Billy O'Reily. Her younger brother, Nathaniel, is constantly in trouble...

Billy O'Reily, Inventor/Ex-Priest
Not exactly the directly combatant type, Billy spends most of his time working on strange and wondrous (and occasionally functional) new inventions. He's an ex-priest with one missing hand. Due to his priestly past (and perhaps, his still holy mission) he also has occasionally prophetic dreams and can supply the group with holy water and blessing.

Simon McCarey, Wealth Businessman/Financer
Simon McCarey is the financer for the group. A wealthy and reclusive businessman, he has a large mansion in which most of the group resides. Certain places in the mansion where Simon conducts his business are off limits to the group, however... and one wonders if all his business is legitimate. Simon is very good friends with Richard Knight, and is the legal guardian of Li Dei (He was close friends with her father).

Richard Knight, Detective
Richard Knight runs the Knight and Dei detective agency. His partner, Long Dei, was killed several years ago, and Richard has, along with Simon, looked after Long's daughter Li. Richard was once a very bad vampire indeed until he recovered his soul. He is very protective of the Slayer, and perhaps has a romantic interest....

Li Dei, Totem Warrior
When her father died, his power of the Puma passed on to her. She is very feline in nature, and is quite a flirt. Li is a great fan of jazz music, and enjoys flirting with Arch-- especially because it annoys her Uncles, Richard and Simon.

Mina, ensouled vampire
Mina is a souled vampire who is very lascivious. Her exact roll within the group has yet to be determined, though she's proven herself a worth adversary in battle.
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